Naturally Inspired Podcast Episode 11 (Denice Chenault)

The Secret To Creating Peace In Your Life!

Today on the Naturally Inspired Podcast we have Denice Chenault joining us.  Denice began her path in personal development in 1989.  She majored in communications at the University of Colorado.  At 23 she underwent a 2 year intensive training in group facilitation and personal development through Dreikurs Relationship Center in Boulder Colorado.  She as led courses all over the U.S. and Israel.  She studied life coaching with Martha Beck.  She has been a key note speaker at a multitude of events including "Most Powerful Women In Network Marketing".  She has reached the top ranks in her network marketing business and is passionate about serving others, specifically women and mothers.  I know I am only scratching the surface in this introduction of Denice.  Everytime I have the privilege of talking with her I learn more about some of the truly amazing experiences she has had and the valuable strategies and knowledge she has to share.  Welcome Denice Chenault to the Naturally Inspired Podcast.

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Naturally Inspired Podcast (Denice Chenault)

Naturally Inspired Podcast (Denice Chenault)

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