Naturally inspired podcast episode 2 - (Clare Kelway)

Why a Functional Medicine Practitioner recommends CBD for homeostasis in the body

Today on the Naturally Inspired Podcast we have a Natural Health Practitioner.  She is a British trained Naturopath and a Functional Medicine Practitioner.  She has been a holistic clinician for over 20 years.  She came to holistic medicine after contracting a serious illness that doctors couldn't solve.  Doctors actually thought she was faking her illness which of course she wasn't but to their credit they didn't have anything to offer her.  This is when she started her journey of studying physiology, clinical nutrition, environmental medicine and mindfulness that play into our health on a daily basis.  Her passion is educating clients to take great care o their health.  She had her own weekly radio show in the U.K.  She is the owner of Kelway Functional Medicine which is a virtual clinic serving people across the U.S., England, Australia, Asia, Canada and South America.  Welcome Clare Kelway to the Naturally Inspired Podcast.

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