Naturally Inspired Podcast Episode 4 (Transformation System)

How to apply the N.I.P. Transformation System to make changes in your lifestyle

This week on The Naturally Inspired podcast we are talking about habits. How do we implement new habits to achieve a healthy lifestyle? Changing habits is not just about will power. There is a simple process that occurs when you successfully make changes in your life. On episode 4 we talk about 8 actions you can take to effectively make a change in your lifestyle. By identifying these 8 actions through the wheel of transformation we can take out the emotions behind why we may not be successful in achieving our health goals and take a look at the data of where we are falling short and make corrections to get on track.  If you or someone you know  has struggled to implement new healthy habits in the past and are looking for a way to be more successful this episode is for you.

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